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Developer of Premium Quality Custom-Built Accessories for Honda, Yamaha and Other Portable Generators

The primary business of Pinellas Power Products is to develop and sell products that will allow our customers to use popular brands of camping generators for a wide variety of uses, including as RV generators, camping generators, and home backup generators.

Our custom-built 4 Function Wireless Remote Control Kits are the most advanced and feature packed ones on the market. Only ours can control start, stop, economy mode, and outlets separately at a range of up to 2000ft.

We build the Best Extended Run Time Remote Auxiliary Fuel Tank Kits on the market to connect many inverter type generators to external fuel tanks to increase their run time. Our kits are not gravity feed systems, they use an internal fuel pump included in the kit to transfer fuel so the remote tank does not need to be higher than the generator to work correctly. Each of our kits are developed to work correctly with a specific model generator not a cheap through the cap one size fits all.

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05/01017 We just released the new Remote shut off for the Honda EU2000i generator. Now you do not need to get up get dressed and go outside to shut your generator off for the night.
01/17/17 If you have A Remote control already, but would like to upgrade to something with more features like our 4 Function Wireless Remote Control then click the link button for instructions on how to trade in your old unit. Trade-in / Upgrade »

09/21/16 Honda has Introduced The EU7000iS Electronic Fuel Injected Generator to the market, but has done very little to provide dealers with training to correctly diagnose and repair these units. This unit was released almost two years ago and I have started to get calls from authorized dealers needing accurate information on the proper way to diagnose and repair the fuel injection on these units, so I have decided to make some videos to explain how the fuel injection system works and explain how to test it. Here are the videos that I have done so far, I will do more as I get spare time.
How The EU7000iS Fuel Injection system works part1
How The EU7000iS Fuel Injection system works part2

9/01/15 Phone technical support for Honda EV6010 and EV4010 Water cooled R.V. Generators is no longer a free service of Pinellas Power Products See Details

2/14/15 We have finished development of the Extended Run Time Auxiliary Fuel Tank Kit for the Fuel Injected Honda EU7000iS Generator. Extended Run Time Auxiliary Fuel Tank Kit For Honda EU7000iS »