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Pinellas Power Products will be closed from 8/25/2015 till 9/4/2015 all orders place during that time
will be shipped on the following business day, Thank you for your understanding.

Developer of Custom-Built Accessories for
Honda and Yamaha Portable Generators

Our custom-built 4 Function Wireless Remote Control Kits are the most advanced and feature packed ones on the market. Only ours can control start, stop, economy mode, and outlets separately at a range of up to 2000ft.

We build the Best Extended Run Time Remote Auxiliary Fuel Tank Kits on the market to connect many inverter type generators to external fuel tanks to increase their run time. Our kits are not gravity feed systems, they use an internal fuel pump included in the kit to transfer fuel so the remote tank does not need to be higher than the generator to work correctly. Each of our kits are developed to work correctly with a specific model generator not a cheap through the cap one size fits all.

We continue to provide parts, service and technical support for the Honda EV4010 and EV6010 RV generators. OEM parts for Honda EV4010 and EV6010 » Honda EV6010 Tech Support Videos »

Our Business

I started Pinellas Power Products in Pinellas county Florida back in 1995. My primary Business was the sales and repair of The Honda water cooled EV4010 and EV6010 generators. I quickly gained a reputation among tool dealers, news stations and other commercial users as a competent repair center. The business grew and added additional employees in the late nineties, but the traffic, congestion and land prices got me to look for a new location. In 2000 I moved to a new 5 acre location in Brooksville Florida. My original plan was to build a large shop on the property so that the business could continue to grow, but after working by myself out of a small shop for the next 6 months my plan changed. I soon discovered that I enjoyed having the freedom to take as much time as I wanted to get everything done the way that I wanted it. This is a luxury that I did not have when I had employees that depended on volume to support their families. I decided that working this way was better for long term success of the company even though I could not do the volume that I did before. My youngest son started working with me when he got old enough to help, and fortunately he has a good work ethic and takes as much pride in his work as I do so we work well together. In 2009 Honda discontinued the production of the Water cooled EV4010 and EV6010 Generators, so I developed my own line of products to allow the Honda and Yamaha inverter type generators to be used as an alternative to the vehicle mounted units.

My business philosophy is very simple (Treat the customer the way I would like to be treated). I do not like high pressure sales people trying to push me into buying something, so I do not use high pressure on my customers. If you are not sure that one of my products is right for you call me and ask as many questions as you need, then think it over and even sleep on it before you make a purchase. If you take as much time you need to make a decision then you will not have to return something later because you changed your mind. I run a small shop that makes custom items and I use a common sense approach to customer service.
                                                                    Sincerely                                                                     Paul Wolaver

For a complete understanding of how we work see the (About Us) page.

News and Events

2/14/15 We have finished development of the Extended Run Time Auxiliary Fuel Tank Kit for the Fuel Injected Honda EU7000iS Generator. Extended Run Time Auxiliary Fuel Tank Kit For Honda EU7000iS »

8/25/14 I have finished development of the 4 Function Wireless Remote Control kit for the new Honda EU7000iS Fuel Injected Generator. 4 Function Wireless Remote Control Kit for Honda EU7000iS »

9/11/14 Attention customers, Paul Wolaver was badly injured in an accident on Sunday 9/7/2014. At this time we know he has a broken L/H Hip, a broken L/H Femur, a broken Sacrum, and a broken L3 Vertebrae. He was operated on at Bay-front Medical Center to Align the Hip and Femur and has appointments with Neurosurgeons to see if the damage to the spine can be corrected. Thank you for your understanding.

9/15/14 Went to Orthopedic Surgeon today, he says that the femur is in the correct alignment for it to heal.

10/1/14 The Neurosurgeon says that there is A risk of bone fragments from L3 vertebra getting lodged in the spinal cord so surgery is scheduled to correct that next week, I hope he knows what he is doing.

10/10/14 They did the surgery on me yesterday, I can not tell If it fixed anything but it sure is sore now. It feels like I have two more pins in my back also. I am now down to 168 lbs so you can actually see the rods in my lower back. Over all I think I am going to be fine, I heard the nurses talking in the recovery room and one said that I was conscious coherent and oriented. This would be the first time in my life that I was all three at the same time.

11/20/14 My recovery is coming along well, I am now able to get around with the aid of a walker, so I am now mobile but can not easily carry things yet. My physical therapist says that I should be graduating to walking with a cane soon.

01/19/15 Doing well starting to walk without cane. I have finished the prototype for the EU7000iS fuel system and hope to have the kits for sale by the first of March.