Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do you ship to My Country?

Yes we do, at the top of every page of our website, it says:     globe WE SHIP WORLD WIDE!

2) If I order one of your products what will the shipping cost be and how long will it take to get to me?

That depends on where you live and how heavy the item you order is. If you would like an exact answer just put the items you want in your shopping cart and go to check out. After you enter your shipping information but before you enter your credit card number it will give you all of your shipping options and delivery dates. If you do not like the options then do not enter your credit card number, it is that simple.

3) If I install your extended run fuel kit to my generator will my stock fuel tank still work?

Yes it will, I work very hard to make sure that my products add to the function of your generator without limiting any of its features.

4) I see that you have an extended run fuel kit for a Brand-A 3500 watt generator, will that kit work on my Brand-A 5000 watt generator?

No it will not. The 3500 watt generator has a smaller engine than the 5000 watt generator so it will burn less gallons of fuel per hour. My extended run fuel kits are designed to deliver the correct fuel pressure and volume for each particular generator. It is sometimes possible to use a kit for a Brand-A 5000 watt generator on a Brand-B 5000 watt generator because they use the same size engine. You will need to contact me to find out if I have an alternate kit that will work correctly for your situation if one is not listed on my site?

5) My generator is a dual fuel version, will your extended run fuel kit work on it?

Some of my kits are for dual fuel ready, read the compatibility section of the listing to know for sure. Some of the dual fuel generators that I have seen have an electric fuel shut off solenoid at the bottom of the carburetor. The purpose of this solenoid is to stop gasoline from flowing through the main jet of the carburetor any time the fuel selector valve is closed. This makes it impossible to shut off the fuel coming out of the stock tank and still run the generator on gasoline. If you were to leave the fuel valve in the on position while running off the remote tank you would then have the issue of the stock tank over filling like I describe in my video. Why the Pinellas Power Products Extended Run Fuel System is better and safer than a through the cap system. The only solution on some generators is to disable the propane system at which point it is better to just buy a gasoline only generator.

6) Do you make a propane kit that will work on my generator?

No I do not.
Please note a Propane conversion kit is almost the worst thing you can do to some generators. Propane is a dry fuel, which means it does not contain MTBE or Tetraethyllead, both of which are valve lubricants. The lack of any valve lubricant on steel valves and seats leads to valve seat recession. The first symptom you will have is the engine is hard starting, then it will not pull a full load, then it will get to the point that it will not start at all. This is a very expensive repair, sometimes not repairable at all. The reason that some fork lifts run for years on propane with no problems at all is that they have stellite valves and seats, not steel.

7) Why can’t I just use a cap style extended fuel system instead of yours?

The through the cap system is dangerous because it has no means of regulating the fuel flow. I have a very good video to explain and show exactly why I do not use through the cap systems. Why the Pinellas Power Products Extended Run Fuel System is better and safer than a through the cap system