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Customer Feedback


Mr. Wolaver,

Thank you for the kick-arse remote shut off for our Honda EU2000i Genny at our off grid cabin.

Easy to install, we ordered early last week and it arrived Thursday…great stuff.

Works super well, worth every penny

Best regards


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I just finished installing your 4 Function Wireless Remote for our Honda EU7000iSE. Outstanding video. It was painless and works outstanding. I really think you did a great job.

Thanks Greg

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Many thanks !!! Fast response and fast delivery On 4 Function Wireless Remote for Honda EU3000iS!

Product works well and i will highly recommend your company and product

Thanks a lot

Yves Lapointe


Paul, I just wanted to thank you for your remote starter I bought from you two weeks ago. I put it in this weekend and it was easy and took about 4hr because I took my time. The video was great and I know I’m going to love it. I have the generator mounted on top of our living quarters horse trailer and can wait to hit the road in April. Thank you so much!!!

Aaron J Shields

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On 2016-10-05 04:26 PM, Paul Rocco wrote:

Hi Paul,

I got sidetracked and just made it to the air box part of the installation (auto choke). Any idea what the unit at the top of this airbox is and how i remove it?

On Oct 5, 2016 6:24 PM, “Paul Wolaver” paul@pinellaspowerproducts.com wrote: you must be in the North that is cold weather kit do not remove it, keep in the hose and move the entire hose.

On 2016-10-06 09:16 PM, Paul Rocco wrote:

Ha, yes. Although it’s toasty warm here right now, cold weather isn’t far away.

Got everything sorted out and the kit works like a champ. Thanks for your help along the way.

Paul Rocco


Tom Oldham Origional Electric Start Kit with Remote Control for Honda EU2000i

I just wanted to say that the install went perfect and I enjoyed it thoroughly , using you install video. You are a true genius. Thanks for putting together such an awesome product. It. Works awesome. The only thing I had to do was go buy a new battery as the batteries in the remotes were dead. You sent one extra battery I just went out and bought one more. Other than that all went well. Thanks again and have a great day !!!! PS. If I sent you an electrical diagram of my gravely generator ( with a Honda engine ) could you design a remote shutdown for it. That would be all I want it to do. It has an on board battery and electric start. Let me know if you would be interested. Thanks…..

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Hi Paul

First I want to say thanks for such quick shipping of the product to Canada, second I want to let you know how pleased I am with the general quality of everything (everything appears to be of great quality). Your instructional video has been awesome (excellent detail & explanation), however I have run into a glitch while installing the wires from the relay to the 20amp outlet. I have a 2016 canadian model and the wiring is different than on your supplied usb video and I just checked your website (video is the same). I actually have 2 red wires going to the upper end and 1 red wire going to the lower end on the 1 side of the 20amp plug in (your video only shows 1 red wire), there is also no existing jumper between these 2 connections (your video stated there should be one there that I should be removing). Since this is a brand new generator I do not want to take any chances and am therefore requesting your assistance in what I should be doing. Attached is a couple photos for reference. Thanks

Chris Walther

Okotoks AB

Reply From Paul Wolaver

Yes this is correct. The Canada model units are actually easier to install due to the fact that they have a separate breaker for each outlet. This is all you will need to do. Remove the wire that runs from the breaker to the outlet that you want to control, then put the blue wire from my kit where one end of that wire was, then put the red wire of my kit where the other end of that wire was. you will need to change the end on the wire that you put on the breaker. It is that easy.


From John Giglio

Hello Paul, received my remote start kit for the Honda 3000,,, Watched the installation video 1 time last night , received it at 10:30 this morning , had it installed bout an hour !! COULDN’T BE HAPPIER !!!! Video was as if I were there with you , loved the way you hit the “little” points !! Works like a charm . The main reason I purchased this is do to where I live , a resort on the river here in Sacramento Ca , when winter hits there are several power outages here do to 50 plus year old infrastructure , anyway , my sister lives with me and when I’m gone she would not have been able to go out hook up the generator get it going etc etc,,,, it is now wired directly to the house via transfer switch , all she has to do is throw the transfer switch and hit the remote !! Great design, neat installation , fair price !! Once again thank you and I will push this product !!!! John !!!

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