developer of premium quality custom built accessories for honda, yamaha and other portable generators
Developer of Premium-Quality
Custom-Built Accessories for Portable Generators


Pinellas Power Products is a family owned and operated sole proprietorship (not a corporation, subsidiary, affiliate, or partnership) which gives us the freedom to develop superior products based on customer request.

Pinellas Power Products is not an authorized dealer for Honda, Yamaha, or Champion generators . Any statements or information given in email or on this website are strictly our own opinions and we are solely responsible for their content. We are not authorized to speak or make any claims on behalf of any other person or company and no other person or company is authorized to speak or make any claims on our behalf.

Pinellas Power Products is an actual brick and mortar business with our own R&D center. If you are having a problem with one of our products you can call and speak to a person not a machine. I do not use Pay-Pal or some fly by night money laundering service for payment. I do not like any of those services because any charges show up on youir credit card statement as internet purchase without any further details. Pinellas Power Products has a legitimate merchant account and an E-commerce server so that all credit card transactions with us or purchases from us will show up on your credit card statement as Pinellas Power Products along with our phone number. This way if you are looking at your credit card statement and see a charge that you do not recognize you can call us to see if you simply forgot a purchase or if fraud has occurred.

A Few Words About Quality

It is not our goal to be the highest volume producer of generator accessories, it is our goal to be the highest quality producer of generator accessories. We use high quality name brand components such as Mikuni fuel pumps, Yamaha fuel fittings, and Gates fuel hoses in our fuel kit. We use UL listed components such as Sumitomo, 3M and Bosch in our remote controls. As Snap-On Tools likes to say, “Quality is not expensive, it’s priceless” or as my dad used to say, quality is like buying oats, you can usually get them a little cheaper if you are willing to take the ones that have already been through the horse. Simply put it is better to pay a little more up front for a good quality item than to regret having bought junk.

Custom Built Accessories

All Items marked as Developed by Pinellas Power Products are developed, manufactured and tested in house in order to give us better control of the overall quality of our products. We are a custom builder of generator accessories not just a reseller of factory built items. Every Item marked as Developed by Pinellas Power Products is assembled right here at our location. Our goal is to produce the highest quality of product, not the highest volume of products. Any time you need a product for any purpose you will get better service and technical support information if you deal directly with the original product developer instead of a middle man or counterfeiter. If you have any special request or instructions that need special attention it is not a problem just call or email me with your request so I can go over the details with you and make sure that your purchase is exactly what you want. If you are emailing me do not start a fresh email for every email, always use the reply button that way I have the whole conversation available to read over.

Product Support

We work very hard to give the best possible customer service and product support to every one of our customers. It is a challenge to create new products, but it is more important to stand behind those products and give good customer service and product support whenever it is needed. The warranty policy on all items marked as Developed by Pinellas Power Products is very simple; if the product that you purchased from us fails to perform as advertised during the first year you can request a replacement item or trouble shooting assistance to resolve the problem. If the product that you purchased from us fails to perform as advertised during the first 30 days you can arrange to return it for a full refund if you wish,it is that simple. This warranty is limited to our product only, it does not cover incidental or consequential cost. We are available for technical support of any Items purchased from Pinellas Power Products by phone 727 439 2872 or by email . (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm EST). Please do not ask me to provide product support for counterfeit or knock off items, when someone makes copies of my products and then sells their counterfeit versions the least they can do is provide their own product support.

Individual Components

As A general rule I do not sell every component for my Remote Fuel Kits separately, however I do sell all the common maintenance items. If you have one of my kits with a failed component, then I will gladly provide any replacement parts needed. The reason for this policy is very simple, If you have one of my kits, and it is installed according to the installation instructions then I know exactly what you have and can give valuable advice if any problem may arise.

A Short History

I started Pinellas Power Products in Pinellas county Florida back in 1995. My primary Business was the sales and repair of The Honda water cooled EV4010 and EV6010 generators. I quickly gained a reputation among tool dealers, news stations and other commercial users as a competent repair center. In 2000 I moved to a new 5 acre location in Brooksville Florida. When Honda discontinued the production of the Water cooled EV4010 and EV6010 Generators I developed my own line of products to allow the Honda and Yamaha inverter type generators to be used as an alternative to the vehicle mounted units.

My business philosophy is very simple (Treat the customer the way I would like to be treated). I do not like high pressure sales people trying to push me into buying something, so I do not use high pressure on my customers. If you are not sure that one of my products is right for you contact me and ask as many questions as you need, then think it over and even sleep on it before you make a purchase. If you take as much time you need to make a decision then you will not have to return something later because you changed your mind. I run a small shop that makes custom items and I use a common sense approach to customer service.

Paul Wolaver

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