Ryobi 1800-2300 Built in Battery Charger


developed by pinellas

This kit will charge your Ryobi 1800-2300 starting battery automatically.

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Our Ryobi 1800-2300 built in battery charger charges your battery while it is installed in your generator.

Installation Instruction Video

All installation instructions for all Pinellas Power Products kits are in an easy to follow step by step video, on a (USB flash-drive) included in each kit. Please take a moment to watch the product videos above to see all the features this product has to offer.

Until now the only way to charge the starting battery for your electric start Ryobi 1800-2300 generator was to remove it from the generator and put it into the charger base.

If you have an electric start Ryobi 1800-2300 you probably already know that it does not charge the starting battery automatically while the generator is running. In order to charge the battery you had to take the charger base that was included with the generator and plug it into an outlet and then place the battery into the charger base. This made you have to bring extra items with you while camping, and monitor the battery charge level at all times. If you were not watching it closely you could wind up with a dead battery the next time you tried to start your generator.

This battery charger is installed inside the generator so your Ryobi 1800-2300 looks stock when you are finished. The installation process takes me about one hour from start to finish.

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All product development and testing is done at our location in Brooksville Florida. This Item has been tested and verified to work properly at temperatures from 35 degrees Fahrenheit to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you have one of these generators but you are not comfortable installing the kit yourself, contact me for assistance.

This item has been tested and verified to fit US models, however this product will work on many different international models. All installation instructions refer to US models.


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