Smartphone Remote Help Screen

Download the appropriate software package for your application by clicking that link.

Android Smartphone App for the Honda EU7000iS


Note: Your Android device must be configured to enable apps outside of the Google Play store to install this application.

After you have downloaded the appropriate software package, open the download folder on your phone. Locate the Pinellas Power Products WIFI controller in that folder and select to install.

After the software is installed, go to the options menu and turn on the WIFI.

Turn the generator key to the on position and make sure the mode switch is in WIFI mode

After the WIFI is on you will see all of the available networks. Select the WIFI network that starts with USR-WIFI232-B2 and connect to that one.

Open the PPP WIFI controller, you should see the correct WIFI network at the very top of your screen labeled SSID USR-WIFI232-B2_XXXX.

Click the connect button and it should turn green.

To start your Generator click the Run button and it should turn green, now click the start button and the unit should start. Look down at the lower left corner of your screen to see the AC Volts gauge, if it shows 120 volts your generator is now running.

To put your generator into economy mode, touch the economy mode button, it should turn green and your generator is now in economy mode. To put the unit back into standard mode just touch the economy mode button again.

To turn the switched outlet on, touch the outlet button, and it should turn green, your outlet is now on. To turn the outlet back off just touch the outlet button again.

To turn your generator off always use the shutdown button to make sure all of the systems are powered down to save battery life.

Your system also has a battery voltage display to let you know exactly what the battery voltage is. The battery voltage display has a built in alarm point and a fault point. The battery alarm is to warn you that the battery voltage is getting low, and it is adjustable. The fault point is to shut the WIFI off if battery voltage drops below 11.95 volts, and it is not adjustable