Honda EU3000iS 4-Function Wireless Remote Control Kit

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*** ATTENTION *** This product is not compatible with the new CO minder version of the EU3000iS.

developed by pinellas

Our 4 Function Wireless Remote Control for the Honda EU3000iS is the most advanced, most Feature packed model on the market.

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This 4 Function wireless remote control kit was designed specifically for the Honda EU3000iS, it is not a one size fits all.

If you see this product listed on Amazon or eBay, it is likely a fraud, do not become a victim. This Item can only be purchased from this website or from one of our Brick and Mortar authorized dealers.

Product Demonstration Video Installation Instruction Video
EU3000iS Owner’s Manual

All installation instructions for all Pinellas Power Products kits are in an easy to follow step by step video, on a (USB flash-drive) included in each kit. Please take a moment to watch the product videos above to see all the features this product has to offer.

The Honda EU3000iS quickly set the standard for what a 3000 watt generator should be when Honda first released it years ago. It was the first mass produced electric start inverter generator to hit the US market and there was no looking back. Our Honda EU3000iS 4 Function wireless remote control kit sets the standard for remote controls, ours is the most advanced most feature packed model on the market today. Ours is the only one on the market that not only starts and stops your Honda EU3000iS with two channels and offers both cold start (w/choke), warm start (w/o choke), the ability to move in and out of the Eco-throttle mode and the ability to turn on and off the lower outlet, all from a high end four channel wireless radio remote control. The choke operation is fully automatic, controlled by a temp sensor that is included in the kit. Nobody else has a remote control system for the Honda EU3000iS with this many features.

We have tested this unit at our location and found an unobstructed range of almost 400 feet, obstructions and weather conditions will affect the range of this unit. An optional long range transmitter is available to extend the range to almost 2000Ft.

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4 reviews for Honda EU3000iS 4-Function Wireless Remote Control Kit

  1. Dan Mace (verified owner)

    Just finished installing my long range remote on my brand new Honda EU3000iS.
    I’ve watched the install video three or four times and it proved to be invaluable in the process. I’m more of a visual guy and this helped a lot.
    Install was quick and easy. Function is flawless and I can’t wait to use this in the coming weeks.
    Paul has engineered this to a tee. Thanks for making this product available.

  2. Adrian Kemps

    l just finished first watching the great video and then started the kit install. Everything was easily installed as shown by the video. Very clean designed kit with all needed hardware. Great product.

  3. Rick Schaub (verified owner)

    I watched the video a couple times before the remote start kit arrived. It was very easy to install and took me just over an hour. It works perfect. I can control the EU3000iS in my pole barn from the house. Being able to control the ECO mode is a big advantage. Excellent product!

  4. D Meadows

    Great remote start product – install video is easy to follow along, I had a Canadian version with a few differences from the install video – one the Cold Climate Technology on the crack case intake (just gently move it out of the airbox and up out of the way), and the other being the easier Canadian wiring to the 20amp plug – simply replace the stock red wire and change the kit wire to a 90 degree insulted spade and plug into the fuse reset. I switched my relay from being normally on to normally off – 87 to 87A. Paul any thoughts on putting the relay on the 23.3 AMP plug as far as relay adequacy?

  5. Paul Wolaver (verified owner)

    If you want to use the remote to turn the 23.3 amp outlet I recommend a 70 amp relay. I like to use extra heavy duty relays as you may have noticed I use a 50 amp relay on the 20 amp outlet.

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