Honda EU6500iS, EM5000iS & EM7000iS 4-Function Wireless Remote Control Kit

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Our 4 Function Wireless Remote Control for the Honda EU6500iS is the most advanced, most Feature packed model on the market. This Item also fits the EM5000iS and EM7000iS.

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This 4 Function wireless remote control kit was designed specifically for the Honda EU6500iS, it is not a one size fits all.

Warning This kit does not fit the Fuel Injected Honda EU7000iS, the correct kit for the EU7000iS is HERE »

If you see this product listed on Amazon or eBay, it is likely a fraud, do not become a victim. This Item can only be purchased from this website or from one of our Brick and Mortar authorized dealers.

Product Demonstration Video Installation Instruction Video
EU6500iS Owner’s Manual EM5000iS Owner’s Manual EM7000iS Owner’s Manual

All installation instructions for all Pinellas Power Products kits are in an easy to follow step by step video, on a (USB flash-drive) included in each kit. Please take a moment to watch the product videos above to see all the features this product has to offer.

Our Honda EU6500iS wireless remote control kit is the most advanced most feature packed model on the market today. It is the only one that starts and stops your Honda EU6500iS with two channels and offers you the ability to move in and out of the Eco-throttle mode and the ability to turn on and off the lower 20A outlet, all from a high end four channel wireless radio remote control. Nobody else has a remote control system for the Honda EU6500iS with this many features. We have tested this unit at our location and found an unobstructed range of almost 400 feet, obstructions and weather conditions will affect the range of this unit. An optional long range transmitter is available to extend the range to almost 2000Ft.

I originally developed this kit for the EU6500iS but it also fits the EM5000iS and the EM7000iS. The installation instruction Video was shot using an EU6500iS because that is the most difficult generator to install this product on. In order to install this product on the open frame models the procedure is the same but you do not have to deal with the cabinet, so it is a lot easier to install.

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1 review for Honda EU6500iS, EM5000iS & EM7000iS 4-Function Wireless Remote Control Kit

  1. Susan Vaisey

    We have self installed and used this unit for several years. It is the best investment we have made in our camping endeavors.

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