Honda EU7000iS Remote Harness

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This item is now compatible with the new Bluetooth enabled Honda EU7000iS
developed by pinellas

This is a kit that includes the plug and conductors needed to connect the Honda EU7000iS to a Magnum Energy ME-AGS-S or an ME-AGS-N.

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Our Honda EU7000iS Remote Plug and harness will allow you to easily connect your generator to a generator controller by way of the factory remote outlet. This kit can also be used to build your own wired remote control by adding one momentary contact switch and one continuous duty switch.

Honda EU7000iS Owner’s Manual ME-AGS-N Owner’s Manual ME-AGS-S Owner’s Manual

The Honda EU7000iS has has been available in the United States for over 8 years now. It has proven it self as a reliable camping generator and as a back up power supply for other situations. If you are setting up an off grid solar power plant for a cabin or as your primary home you will benefit from a back up power supply. Overcast days and high power use days can drain the main battery array voltage very quickly. Using a Honda EU7000iS in conjunction with an automatic generator starter is made easy with my remote plug and harness. You can set up many different automatic generator starters to start your generator based on several different criteria, such as battery bank voltage level, time of day and ambient temperature

This item is a remote plug and harness for the Honda EU7000iS with a 24 inch lead wire set that can be used to connect the Honda EU7000iS to a Magnum Energy ME-AGS-S or ME-AGS-N system or many other generator start controller. This item will come assembled with the 4 wires needed to start and stop the EU7000iS encased inside a flexible sleeve, plus 4 additional conductors so you can build your own harness if you want the wires to be a different color or for any reason you choose.

Our Honda EU7000iS Remote Plug with Harness will work with the (Magnum Energy ME-AGS-S) or the (Atkinson Electronics G.S.C.M.) or any other generator controller.

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  • This Kit works with the Honda EU7000iS generator.
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For your convenience here is a copy of the official (wiring diagram) from Magnum Energy.

1 review for Honda EU7000iS Remote Harness

  1. Michael McGahern

    I purchased a wiring harness for a Honda EU7000iS from Paul at Pinellas Power Products . The total bill was less than $40. The product came quickly, was high quality, and had very detailed instructions.

    I ran into problems getting the generator to run, BUT, it had NOTHING to do with the product I purchased from Pinellas Power Products. This didn’t stop Paul from spending time with me on the phone, and offering me advice on what to check on the generator. We got it figured out. He was great!!

    I’ll be purchasing more from Pinellas Power Products in the future for our business, companies like this are a gem.

    Michael McGahern
    Ottawa Solar Power

    Design Sales Repairs Installations

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