Wen 2250 Extended Run Time Fuel Kit


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developed by pinellas

This kit will connect your Wen 2250 to any size remote fuel tank you chose.

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Our Wen 2250 Extended Run Time Fuel Tank Kit is the safest way to extend the run time of your generator.

If you see this product listed on Amazon or eBay, it is likely a fraud, do not become a victim. This Item can only be purchased from this website or from one of our Brick and Mortar authorized dealers.

Why the Pinellas Power Products Extended Run Fuel System is better and safer than a through the cap system
Product Demonstration Video Installation Instruction Video Fine Tuning and Troubleshooting
Predator 2000 Owner’s Manual

All installation instructions for all Pinellas Power Products kits are in an easy to follow step by step video, on a (USB flash-drive) included in each kit. Please take a moment to watch the product videos above to see all the features this product has to offer.

Our Wen 2250 Extended Run Time Fuel kit was specifically developed to work correctly with the Wen 2250, it is not a through the cap, one size fits all, or a gravity feed system. We do our best to select the highest quality components for our kits, for example we tested several different brands of prime ball hose before we chose the Yamaha hose due to the fact that it outlast the other brands and it stays more flexible in cold temperatures. Our kits use an internal fuel pump included in the kit to transfer fuel so the remote tank does not need to be higher than the generator to work correctly. Please note that this application is a transfer pump, not a lift pump, due to the small engine size in the Wen 2250 the pulse wave is not strong enough to lift fuel more than a couple inches vertically. The fuel tank and the generator must be level with each other and in order to run with loads above 750 watts the Economy mode switch must be in the off position. It is very important that you use only the components supplied in the kit, do not mix and match with locally improvised items due to the fact that they may not be 100% compatible and therefore inhibit performance of the kit.

You will never have to shut down your generator to refuel again. Our Wen 2250 Extended Run Time Fuel kit is designed to alternate from one tank to the next while the generator is still running. Our kit will allow you to alternate between as many tanks of any size you choose. For example with a 6 gallon fuel tank you can run a Wen 2250 up to 19 hours at full load or 39 hours at ½ load before alternating to the next fuel tank.

You will never have to risk personal injury again pouring gasoline into a hot generator. With our REMOTE AUXILIARY FUEL TANK SYSTEM you can just switch to a remote fuel supply more safely at a distance of up to 10 feet away from this generator.

The fuel tank itself is not included in this kit due to the fact that it seems no two customers need the exact same size fuel tank. Here is a link that may help you find the proper sized fuel tank for your needs.

Moeller fuel tanks »

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