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Actually Walking


Doing well starting to walk without cane. I have finished the prototype for the EU7000iS fuel system and hope to have the kits for sale by the first of March.

Up and Moving


My recovery is coming along well, I am now able to get around with the aid of a walker, so I am now mobile but can not easily carry things yet. My physical therapist says that I should be graduating to walking with a cane soon.

Time to let the body heal


They did the surgery on me yesterday, I can not tell If it fixed anything but it sure is sore now. It feels like I have two more pins in my back also. I am now down to 168 lbs so you can actually see the rods in my lower back. Over all I think I am going to be fine, I heard the nurses talking in the recovery room and one said that I was conscious coherent and oriented. This would be the first time in my life that I was all three at the same time.

Fixing the spine


The Neurosurgeon says that there is a high risk of bone fragments from L3 vertebra getting lodged in the spinal cord so surgery is scheduled to correct that next week, I hope he knows what he is doing.

This will be a long Recovery


I went to Orthopedic Surgeon today, he says that the femur is in the correct alignment for it to heal. He says due to my age this will be a long recovery.

Well This Isn’t Good


Attention customers, Paul Wolaver was badly injured in an accident on Sunday 9/7/2014. At this time we know he has a broken L/H Hip, a broken L/H Femur, a broken Sacrum, and a broken L3 Vertebrae. He was operated on at Bay-front Medical Center to Align the Hip and Femur and has appointments with Neurosurgeons to see if the damage to the spine can be corrected. There will be no custom builds till further notice, Thank you for your understanding.

Time Off


My wife and I will celebrating 25 years of marriage this fall and we are taking a trip to celebrate. Do to this Pinellas Power Products will be closed from October 20th 2013 till November 13th 2013. All orders placed during this period will be shipped starting November 14th 2013, thank you for your understanding.
— Paul Wolaver

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